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Bible Study

Our small group Bible studies are for each and everyone. We understand that in a large church it is easy to feel like ONE person lost in a crowd. This will help you connect with fellow believers, learn the Word of God, and grow in your relationship with Christ in a small group setting.

PS. Beto & Aolani Rivas

Teen Bible

Albert & Narcie Berkley

New Converts

PS. Victor & Jazmín Vázquez

Español Pharr

Our Bible Studies are located in the homes of fellow believers all over the city of McAllen. Bible Study leaders provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for you to ask questions, establish relationships, and above all, mature spiritually.

Beto & Gracie Rivas

Español McAllen

PS. Victor & Jessica Lopez

McAllen North

Tim & Barbara Brown

McAllen South

We invite you to look at the locations below and find a Bible Study near you. The Bible study leaders' names and contact information are provided for your convenience. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or for more information.