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Ptr. Roman & Nora Gutierrez

Senior Pastor

Pastor Roman Gutierrez gave his life to Jesus Christ at age 25 when he walked into a church service. Pastor Roman Gutierrez has faithfully served as a pioneer pastor at The Door Christian Church in Victoria, TX. Then stepped into the role of an evangelist and as of today has visited over 42 different nations all around the world.

His testimony has made an unimaginable impact on the youth of today. He has been a guest speaker in many junior highs, high schools, universities, and youth centers.​

Ptr. Victor & Jessica Lopez

Associate Pastor

Ptr. Rafael Vazquez & Iris Vazquez

Assistant Pastor

Ptr. Beto & Aolani Rivas

Youth Pastor

Orlando & Isabel Salinas


Orlando & Isabel Salinas


Orlando and Isabel Salinas haven been faithfully serving at The Door CFM of Mcallen, Texas for the past 14 years.

During these few years, Orlando has established a very fruitful prison/parole ministry and also founded an organization called “Choose to Change Foundation.” Today Orlando Salinas is a full-time Evangelist who has been sharing his incredible “Dead Man Walking” life story at many local churches, school, juvenile facilities, county jails, and prisons.

Isaac & Lizett Herrera

Door Director