We are in constant pursuit of new methods to share the Good News and Evangelize. “Breakaway Ministries” saw many a great opportunity to accomplish this through what they call “Park Outreach.” The entire concert scene is loaded into a trailer & taken to a local park. In a designated city park we set up our stage, speakers, & instruments. The soul purpose of this venue is to reach out to those who need Jesus, in an atmosphere outside of the church and its solely conducted by our teenagers. We have witnessed & continue to see many souls come to Christ.

Pastor J. Albert & Michelle Hernandez

Teen Bible Study Leaders 


Friday night is known and has always been known as football night. All the teenagers in town load into a car and head to the stadium. Teenagers in our church, however, know Friday night as Teen Bible Study night. The song service is lead by teens themselves. In this bible study, our teens not only learn more about the Bible and God but are challenged to live fully for God. With discipleship at the forefront, teens are taught how to lead but also how to follow.


This for ages (13 – 19 years). If you have any questions about our Teen Bible Study don’t hesitate to call, we can be reached at (956) 379-0074


Email: info@thedoormcallen.com

Sunday: Serious Men, 9:00 AM
Sunday School, 10:00 AM
Morning Worship, 11:00 AM
Evening Worship, 6:00 PM
Wednesday Midweek, 7:00 PM
Thursday Spanish, 7:00 PM

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