Phone: 956.532.1335

Sunday: Serious Men, 9:00 AM
Sunday School, 10:00 AM
Morning Worship, 11:00 AM
Evening Worship, 6:00 PM
Wednesday Midweek, 7:00 PM
Thursday Spanish, 7:00 PM

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                               With a wide variety of genres,                                     our concerts hold a powerful                                       move of God.

Every Saturday at 8:00 PM our concert hall is packed with an excited and thrilled crowd. Rock, Rap, Reggaeton, and even Tejano bands minister the word of God through song. Between songs our drama team will certainly get you laughing and still manage to bring a compelling message.

It is impossible for you to come to one of our concerts and not have fun. Did we mention we give away prizes?

For more information please call: (956) 457-7391