South Carolina and Atlanta Invasion

 This past June, The Door CFM sent a team into Charleston, South Carolina to help Pastor Beto and Aolani Rivas, and into Atlanta Georgia to help Pastor Marty Carnegie and his wife.  “I want thank you guys for making it out to this invasion team. Great is your reward, and I’m sorry you had to deal with this hot bus; but don’t forget why we do this and why you guys are here.” Said Pastor Rivas.

On June 20th the team hit South Carolina running. Throughout this outreach many souls were saved and several people were healed. The next day the team arrived in Atlanta, Georgia and once again hit the streets. Even though it was a little bit harder, the team still passed out flyers, street preached and knocked on doors. It was encouraging to see how many were open to hear the word of Christ.

On Friday, the Atlanta church and the Team put on a concert in the Central Park. From this event, many souls were saved and many people were healed. “I want to thank you guys for making it out here. Despite the problems you guys had to endure on the way up here… I know God will bless you for the sacrifices that you have made.” Said Pastor Carnegie.

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