William & Andrea Ryan
The Door
Little Rock, AR


We were launched out of the McAllen,TX church this past 2014 Tucson bible conference. When we arrived in Little Rock we started bible studies and had visitors that came faithfully every week. By our third month, we were already in a building and on the Saturday before we opened we had a “Family Movie-Night” and had a total of 7 visitors! Since then we have had a steady flow of visitors. One of the major highlights this year is of a man by the name of Kenneth. This man was a backslider, a son of a preacher. The day before I went knocking on his door he told me that he prayed and asked God to send him somebody and next thing you know I’m at his front door. He gets gloriously saved and rededicates his life to Christ, experiencing a life changing conversion! I’ll never forget that Monday morning phone call I got from him. He said “…Pastor, I just called to say that I have a clean house now. If I now have a clean heart then I should have a clean house.” He threw away all the junk that was a hindrance to his life and is now serving God for the long haul! Keep Little Rock in prayer as we win this city for Jesus!

Update: Street Preaching in Little Rock