Eloy & Yolanda Cazarez
The Door
Alamo, TX


In His Glory,
We got announced out of the 2013 San Antonio Bible Conference. In December we left all we had in Weslaco and moved our family to Alamo a city of 18,303 people. Right away we began opening our home for bible study. After months of passing out flyers and outreaching we weren’t seeing much happening. My Pastor ( Pastor Cory Garza) told me to begin praying and looking for a building.

My wife found a great corner building that use to be a pharmacy which was located on a Main Street. However the price was a little above our budget so we continue looking. We found another 3 buildings but they didn’t compare to the size and location of the pharmacy building. By faith my Pastor ask me to set up a meeting with the owner of the pharmacy building. After many phone calls and meetings with the owner they agreed to lower the rent to $900 a month it was still a little over budget. Meanwhile we found a building for $500 but the location and building was not exactly what we were looking for.

During our building search our mother church (Weslaco) was having a revival with Pastor Roman Gutierrez, he heard what we were going through and advised me to pray for the owner of the pharmacy. The next revival service Pastor Gutierrez preached a wonderful sermon which inspired the Weslaco church to stand behind us in prayer and giving. The next day with enough money that was given from Weslaco I called the pharmacy’s owner, he began the conversation with “I don’t know why I’m doing this” but I am willing to lower the rent to $800 and if we sign a 2 year deal he will lower it to $700 for the first year.”

Ever since, Gods favor has been upon us with a grand opening with 23 people in attendance, families and key couples locking in, and many visitors stopping by to hear the word of God preached.

Keep praying for Alamo as we take the city for Jesus.
(E Cazarez)